Comments left by guests at Casa Blanca Rural
Elspeth and Ian

Thank you so much for the 'A Taste of Spain' experience.

As an introduction to regional Spanish food it was inspirational. No longer will Boquerones, Pimentos de Padron or Mistela, to name just a few, be a mystery to us.

The food prepared by you was delicious and we have strived to recreate it at home.

After been taken by you to the restaurants 'off the beaten track', as well as local producers, we have gained in confidence to explore eateries we would normally have overlooked.

All this and stunning scenery as well. Thanks again.

Elspeth & Ian

Keith and Pauline

If you think, like we did, that Spain is about Costas and noisy bars, try spending some time with Neil and Caroline and of course Digger the dog.

They have a rare knowledge of the 'Real Spain' and are willing and able to share with their guests.

Their Guest house is within easy walking distance of mountain tracks and views that will leave you wishing you lived so close to such a heavenly place. To this you can add local restaurants and bars that are well tried and tested with a lunchtime three course 'Menu Del Dia' including local wine and bread all at the same prices that the locals pay.

If peace and tranquility are what you are looking for and you like to get close to Nature, follow Neil's directions to the mountain springs, cycle tracks or walking trails.. This is Spain - but not as you know it.

Keith & Pauline

Bill and Pat

We spent a great holiday in Spain with Neil & Caroline as hosts.

We found they were both very knowledgeable of the local area & took several of us on some really great walks up & along the mountains. Because of their familiarity with local bars & restaurants too we had a real taste of Spanish food & of course wine.

We found both Neil & Caroline very informative & because they were both determined to go that extra mile, or should I say kilometre, to make sure everyone was getting the most out of their stay we can only say thanks for a great time & can highly recommend anyone who wants a memorable "Taste of Spain" to book early to avoid disappointment.

Bill & Pat

Toby and Nadia, Nerja

This was our third visit to Montichelvo and every time we arrive it feels like we’re coming home. You are both so welcoming and helpful! We really enjoyed our walk into the hills with you and eating freshly picked oranges along the way was a delicious way of quenching our thirst!

Your house is so cosy and the views from the terrace adjoining the room we stayed in are stunning. Nothing beats eating the generous breakfast you provide while looking out at those mountains! Most importantly, the room is always spotless, comfortable and well appointed – just what you need for a relaxing break. We both left feeling relaxed and reinvigorated and can’t wait to return to Montichelvo!

- Toby and Nadia, Nerja

Heather & Lance

We have had some fabulous guests stay with us at Casa Blanca Rural since we opened our doors as a guest house. Earlier this year we were pleased to welcome Lance and Heather, all the way from Australia taking a rest during their three-and-a-half month tour of Europe.

Heather put pen to paper and this is what she wrote about their stay....

Taste of Spain

Do you want a taste of Spain?
With a flavour that is ‘real’?
Don’t just take Neil and Caroline’s word
Listen to this happy traveller’s spiel

All the way from Australia
We managed our way to Montichelvo
We’d only written down ‘Casa Blanca’
We had no idea where to go

A half-dressed and drowsy senora
From her siesta we woke
Not much good to us Aussies
Because Spanish was all she spoke

Next we found the mechanic
He put an end to our search
He walked us up the street
And indicated opposite the church

We were ready for a well-earned rest
And we’d chosen the right spot
We were welcomed like old friends
And hospitality was all that we got

Our experience of the village
Allowed me to feel the real Spain
To wander and be part of it
Was certainly to my gain

There’s the Tuesday square market
But don’t get the fruit boy started
Humouring the women of all ages
Bawdily but warm-hearted

Just outside their front door
Are the bar, church and playground
A wonderful meeting place
Where the young and old can be found
From all the church clocks around
The bells ring their beautiful chimes
There’s a delightful sense of confusion
They ring at four different times

There are plenty of places to wander
Through orchards of oranges, olives and pears
If you’re tempted by a ripe fresh fruit
You can savour what the bountiful bush bears

The area is awash with walks
It’s ‘here’ where you get a great deal
There’s no fear for losing your way
‘Cause you can always take along Neil

And what an idyllic performance
Of a goat herder and his flock
Had Neil arranged our meeting
And of our journey to block?

The shepherd’s words were enigmatic
But like some kind of barrr-code
The ladies in his care did stop
Immediately in the middle of the road

I imagine he asked their preference
And how they wanted their day spent
There was some utters and nodding
Then off down the road they went

If doing very little is required
Plonked on the patio more your style
Snooze with the rest of the town
And then go to the town pool for awhile

It’s the pool with the best panorama
Nothing between you and the hills
And when siesta time is over
With laughter and happiness it fills

There maybe a night of paella
On the spectacular roof to dine
With Caroline’s ‘special’ recipe
And plenty of sangria and wine

Even from 26,000 kilometers away
I’d love to go back again
As my poem will certainly attest
It was a highlight of our stay in Spain

- Heather Lindsay


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